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Comprehensive Treatment of Uveitis

Uveitis can be compared to having arthritis in the eyes. The most common symptoms are red eyes, soreness, light sensitivity, blurred vision, and occasionally floaters. Although many forms can be mild, uveitis can often be severe and vision threatening or associated with a serious underlying systemic disease. How can you tell the difference? That is where a specialist like Dr. Scales comes in.

The critical element in successful uveitis management is getting the right diagnosis upon which to base the best possible care. This requires the patience and experience of a trained uveitis specialist. Uveitis problems commonly seen at Retina and Uveitis Consultants of Texas, P.A. include infectious uveitis, autoimmune uveitis, and uveitis from systemic diseases. After the diagnosis is made, specific therapy must be started. The therapy ranges from topical eye drops to oral antibiotics to systemic immunosuppressive drugs like those used to treat transplant patients.

Key Benefits
  • Fellowship training in Uveitis
  • Specializing in the diagnosis and comprehensive management of Uveitis.
  • Services are tailored to specific disease and patient requirements.

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